Q: Do UV Lamps in your store have the US FDA clearance?

A: Yes, all UV phototherapy lamps in our collection are FDA 510 (K) approved (FDA K132643).

Q: What is the difference between the UV Lamp models you sell?

A: The UVB Lamps we sell use narrow band UVB (311nm) Philips bulbs or UVA-1 Philips bulbs. The difference between devices is in style and functionality. Visit our Online Store where you can compare all products in our store and view the device description.

Q: Which UV Phototherapy device is right for me?

Y: In terms of style, only you can determine which model you will use most comfortably or which is suitable for you. In terms of treatment, we recommend you consult your doctor to determine if this treatment method is best for your skin condition.

Q: What is the normal life of the bulb in the UV Lamp?

A: The UV Lamps we sell use only Philips bulbs. Philips rates the bulb’s normal lifetime at 1,000 hours; The UV Lamp manufacturer recommends replacing the bulb after 350 hours of use.

Q: Do you sell replacement bulbs for the UV Lamp?

A: If you have purchased a UV Phototherapy device from us, we have spare bulbs available for purchase. Please email the bulb replacement request here.

Q: Can UV products in your store treat skin conditions other than vitiligo or psoriasis?

A: Yes. All phototherapy devices we sell emit a narrow-band ultraviolet-B (UVB) wavelength of 311nm and a specific ultraviolet-A for UVA-1 (340 to 400nm); used properly. We strongly recommend that you consult your doctor to determine if UV phototherapy is the right treatment for you.

Q: Is UV phototherapy safe to use with other skin disease treatments?

C: If your skin condition is currently being treated by another method (or has been treated recently), only your doctor can determine whether UV phototherapy is suitable for you.

Q: How do I know which dosing schedule is right for me?

Y: Understand that we are not authorized to advise on treatment. Only your doctor can determine the most effective, safe and appropriate dosage schedule for your skin condition.

Q: Do you accept health insurance?

A: No

Q: Will my health insurance company cover the UV devices in your store?

A: We don’t know. Please contact your health insurance provider.

Order and Shipping

Q: What should I expect after placing my order?

C: You can expect to receive an Order Confirmation email after “Checkout”. Once your order has been processed and prepared for shipping by us, you can expect to receive a Shipping Confirmation email with a tracking number and a link to the courier website where you can track your shipment.

Q: I am having problems with the payment during the order process, what should I do?

C: Confirm that you entered the correct payment information (credit card number, expiration date, etc.). If the information you entered is correct, we recommend that you first call your credit card bank or check your PayPal account. If there is no problem with your payment account, please contact us at here.

Q: How long will it take for my UV lamp to be delivered after I order it?

A: It depends on where you are. Please visit our Shipping page for detailed information on shipping and delivery times.

Q: What countries do you sell and ship to other than the US?

A: We sell and ship to most countries around the world. If you would like to confirm whether we sell to your country or not, please email us here.

Q: USPS Tracking indicates that my item was delivered, but I did not receive it. What should I do?

A: Contact your local USPS office

Q: I don’t know what voltage to order, what should I do?

Y: There are many websites you can check to determine the voltage used in your country, or you can email us here.

Q: Why didn’t Order Confirmation come in the box with my product?

A: To keep our prices competitive, we are a paperless company and we do not send printed order confirmations with our products. Please keep the Order and Shipping Confirmation e-mails you receive from us for your records.

Do you have any more questions?